Living Statues

The most entertaining and visually stunning human statues in the UK. Quirky mime performance with a twist mixes with hyper-realistic costumes to stun and enchant guests in disbelief – Did that statue just wink at me?

With a full range of characters covering every theme, these statues do much more than stand still: From bronze camera men that take your picture to classical statues that take your hat and coat – whatever your event these statues are sure to provide fun and surprises.

Having learned their craft at London’s Covent Garden, these performers are experts at drawing large crowds and keeping them entertained. With international experience working at some of the biggest events on the planet, you can be assured you’re hiring the very best.

Available Characters Include:

The Bronze Paparazzi, Bronze Cricket Player, Bronze Doctor, City Gents, Classical Lady, Bronze Shopkeeper, Jacob Marley, Bronze Golfer, Silver Sherlock Holmes, Bronze Butler and Maid, Stone Angel, Tennis Player, Toy Soldier, Queen Victoria, Royal Bodyguard, Silver Footballers, Jazz Man.


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