Human Statues

Statueman living statues have been established for over 20 years and are one of the UK’s leading living statue companies, they have performed for clients throughout the UK and Worldwide and can provide professional performers for any theme of event or function and they don’t just stand perfectly still! their performances are fully interactive, suddenly moving to surprise guests who are totally unaware that they are actually real!

Acting in character the trained artists can create many surprises and photo opportunities during a performance and are also a great way to create huge impact, requiring just a small space in which to perform so are ideal for any venue.

Statues Include: Gold Roman, Classical Roman/Greek statues, The Three Graces, Eros the God Of Love, The Kiss, Venus Goddess of Love, Queen Elizabeth 1, Queen Victoria, Lord Nelson, Brittania Statue at the Brits, Victorians, King Arthur, Medieval, Chocolate Statues, Jockey, Footballer, Rugby Player, Jockey, Olympic Flame Goddess, Cowboy, Statue of Liberty, Abraham Lincoln,Marilyn Monroe, American Footballer, Goldfinger Girl, Venetian, Silver Gold Angel, Silver Gold Cupid, Stone Angels, Gothic Angel, Weeping Angel Statue, Halloween.

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