Before the maps were written, when the world was young, lost civilisations yearned to be found and undiscovered islands whispered to gentlemen of fortune…islands such as, Honopopo!

Join Captain Jon Voyage and Doctor Rafferty Goggins, as they take you on a buffoon’s romp through the golden age of adventure. Beginning at their base camp on the island of Honopopo, you will journey deep into the jungle’s dark heart, in search of new species, civilisation and loot! Plundering the age of the exotic in children’s fiction, the show draws on The Jungle Book, Tarzan, The Lost World and The Land that Time Forgot, mixing it all with a dash of Carry On up the Jungle.

Audience participation helps the characters explore mankind’s relationship with the natural world, taking them on journey from exploitation to custodianship, alongside this moral fable expect comedy, danger, snake attacks and a monkey!

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